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Hi Gorgeous,

I'm Jocelyn Michelle.

I want to live in a world where people freely pursue their passions and live so abundantly that they feel compelled to spread that abundance to others. So what’s the problem? More than anything else, I believe that one of the biggest barriers that stands between us and our goals is a lack of confidence, fueled by a general lack mindset that permeates throughout society as a whole. To combat this, I work with women to go from a mindset of not enough to more than enough.


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I've developed a 3-step process to help women conquer their goals:

CLARITY. We begin by creating clear goals and looking inward to understand what mental, emotional, and circumstantial barriers exist. 

CONSCIOUSNESS. Relentlessly pursuing mindfulness, I work with clients to hold themselves accountable for their destiny. While we can’t always control what happens in the world around us, we can control how we respond, the lessons we learn, and the actions we take moving forward.

CONFIDENCE. As you take charge of your life you begin to notice the seed of confidence planted inside of you, and watch it blossom as you continue to live with consciousness, peace, and purpose.


A Bit About Me


A Chicago native and lifelong learner, I moved to New England to earn my Bachelor's in Cellular & Molecular Biology from Connecticut College. Wanting to learn more about the social determinants of health and health policy, I earned my Master of Public Health from Boston University and became a certified life coach. Intrigued by the legal system, I enrolled in law school in 2019 and am currently a law student at Suffolk University School of Law.


Working as a consultant and leader in healthcare helped me to understand my passion for helping people. At the core of that passion was the desire to help people actualize their potential, so I developed businesses to do just that. I spend each day helping entrepreneurs reach their goals through my company Fireside Insights, and help equip coaches with the tools they need through CoachedIt.

Throughout the course of this journey I've had the pleasure of empowering hundreds of women and figured it was about time to make a community for all of us to connect.

Welcome to CCD.


I believe that energy is everything. It's at the core of our being and impacts the way that we treat ourselves, the capacity we have to give and receive from others, and ultimately our life path.

While our energy powers our life, our confidence is a way of life. Everyday we make conscious and unconscious decisions, and each of those decisions is rooted in the confidence (or lack thereof) that we have in our actions and the outcomes they yield.

When you realize that truth, the only choice you have is to live confidently and abundantly.

Ready? Let's get there together.

Ready to 

change your life?

Let's get started.

The first session is on me.

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