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Dusya’sMiracleEnergy Healing

I am a holistic life coach who implements counseling and holistic modalities. I use my 20 years of medical background and combine that with holistic modalities. I grew up developing PTSD and anxiety and was self sabotaging due to abuse growing up . In 2014 I was finally able to start my healing journey with meditation and Reiki . My life has drastically improved and I was able to find my purpose in life and develop healthy relationships . I started implementing my medical background in my holistic work as I discovered that some of my clients had health issues that seemed unmanageable to modern medicine like skin rashes , chronic migraines, irregular menstruation , fertility issues. After a session of Reiki / Angel healing , the above mentioned health issues started slowly disappearing/ improving. I also had conversations with parents who were frustrated and felt helpless because they wanted to have a relationship with their kid with autism and medical intervention seemed to make the situation worse . I watched a few videos and noticed that children were extremely overwhelmed ( I am a baby wisperer ) . I offered then strategies to my clients on how to effectively communicate with their kid and understand the signs when their kid is overwhelmed, scared or just not feeling well . After at least a session, a child was able to communicate better their needs.

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