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About Jeannette Bourgeault C.Med

People are the most significant assets within a corporation. Empowering employees at every level to be the best they can be will allow your organization to become conflict competent, embracing ideas, concerns, and needs allowing them to develop decisions based on all participant’s input.

Jeannette’s strengths are in building conflict-competent organizations. Her expertise is in the field of workplace mediation and conflict resolution process through coaching, facilitated discussions, group intervention, mediation, and training. Changing corporate culture through skill development, understanding of conflict resolution and the collaboration process enables the individual and workplaces to attain a level of being a conflict competent environment.

Jeannette is an experienced Chartered Mediator in the field of Workplace Conflict Resolution. Jeannette has knowledge, experience, and education in working within all aspects of workplace communication, and conflict competency, as well as leadership coaching.

Jeannette has benefited from a spectrum of academic and practical training. She holds Chartered Mediator status, has completed the full Conflict Resolution Mediation/Third Party Intervention with the Justice Institute of British Columbia /University of Calgary. Jeannette completed her assessment with the ADRIC (Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada) in 2009. She has continued her education with various certifications.

Jeannette has mediated and trained at all levels of government including municipal, provincial, and federal. Jeannette has worked with small startup companies’ large oil and gas organizations with both unionized and non-unionized organizations. Jeannette continues to coach mediation students while promoting and bringing awareness to the field of mediation.

Jeannette has mediated over 100 cases and has provided various training to over 1,000 individual participants. Jeannette continues to coach senior leadership in understanding communication and conflict within the workplace.

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