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Tell the story coaching

I trained in transformational coaching for change with Animas in 2016. I am in my late 60s and wanted to find a career I could follow for the rest of my life using my long work and life experience to help women find what they truly want. Many women have a passion they have not followed but would love to revive, lacking the self confidence to follow this dream. Coaching enables you to reframe, look at what is possible and build the self confidence to try out the life you choose, not the one others may tell you to follow.

I have a first career background in theatre stage and company management working in the West End on shows such as Les Miserables, and a second career in corporate event production working on global conferences for large brands. Storytelling is embedded in my background and is an intrinsic part of my coaching. Choosing the story you want to live, finding the authentic 'you', driven by your values and the things which light you up.

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