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Antonetti Communications & Speech Consulting, PLLC

I am a wife, mother of 3 young adults, and an ASHA certified, NY State licensed Speech Language Pathologist for 20+ years. Over the years while watching my children grow and as technology increased, I saw the use of effective communication skills decrease across the board. For example, when you go to a dr.'s office and the staff is rude, or when you enter a restaurant and the host acts as if you're bothering her, or when you go to buy a car and the finance specialist talks down to you. All of these are examples from personal experience each time I walked away from the situation feeling frustrated. I'm certain I am not alone in my experience. Rather than continue to complain, I decided I wanted to help people communicate in a way that helps you connect with others in a positive way. There is great importance and power in the understanding and use of good communication skills. It is the key to positive interactions and an integral part in to having success professionally or personally.

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