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My name is Roxana Turnbo, by trade a Makeup Artist, by choice a Self Love Life Coach, and the owner and founder of Grr Grrl Cosmetics & Gingrr Salt, LLC. I was born in Miami Beach Florida but currently live in Hawaii with my husband, two children of the ages of 10 & 5 years old, and the oldest of thirteen lives with her dad in Florida. My father is Cuban and my mother who was murdered when I was three years old, was Irish, Italian to say the least. I'm quite the unstoppable mix, especially speaking and writing both Spanish and English.

I gave up my Cosmetology career in 2014 when I became homeless. I worked diligently for almost 12 years as a Platform & Makeup Artist and Cosmetologist in salons of SW Florida. Previously spending, off and on, almost 7 years as a Mary Kay Consultant.

Through all of those opportunities and struggles in life, I have learned a thing or two about cosmetics and women. Most importantly, I saw how women are underrated and how they underrate themselves! All of us have the potential to be a fierce, unstoppable forces with savage tenacity and drive that rivals anyone or anything. All of us women want to be desired and to look and feel amazing. I love being part of their transformation, daily lives, and most importantly, their success.

There are many experiences in life that I can say have now become my forte, like child abuse, sexual abuse, the murder of my mother, homelessness, miscarriages, suicide, two divorces, and still overcoming autoimmune disease, Fibromyalgia.

I have come full circle after several years of trials and hardships in life. I had struggled as a single mom of two to pay the bills with direct selling jobs, pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing companies, serving tables, cleaning toilets, and much more we can discuss in private. I have been there Grrl and this time I want to help & guide you along to make sure that you won’t have to go through any of my experiences if you don't have to as I believe we create our own reality, chaos, and experiences. A loop on replay that embodies our mindset and our currents thoughts. Your reality is the results of how much you believe you are whole or broken.

Last year avid the Pandemic and Facemask shortage, I launched my self-made fashion design company headquartered in Hawaii, last year as a female entrepreneur sewing now the Patent-pending Hula Mask! Sewing masks is what got my wheel turning on creating an unstoppable smudge-proof lipstick for Facemask wearing and a waterproof niche cosmetic line for the GRRL on the move!

Moreover after hitting rock bottom and suicidal 4 years ago, I became a life coach specialized in Self Love. So far, many I have helped and currently helping various women from diverse backgrounds to change their lives and live a fierce life of self love and freedom. I found myself desiring to start an obsessive cult that is passionate about self love, women empowerment, and doing things different.

This time, it is my company, our journey of building an empire together. I get to create a company that does not only desire women to succeed, but also has the ability to give an equal opportunity through GRR GRRL PRO Affiliate hustle, To slay objections and hustle with love and color committed cosmetics.

My company sells waterproof, sweatproof, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetics.

You may check our website at

We don’t just sell cosmetics. We offer love and kindness. Inner beauty that could make a strong foundation and bond to our clients. We are also here to help those who are in need to inspire others and spread kindness.

We also have our upcoming or launching soon, Grr Grrl Coaching with Specialty Coaches for women to access the help they need especially if they’re abused and need help. For now they can seek my personal help directly by booking a free session now!

You may also check more info at

Here’s another link about my journey before having the Grr Grrl Cosmetics:

I would love to talk to you soon about what your INNER beauty needs as it equals Outer Beauty & alignment as my business slogan is:

Fierce Confidence = Self Love + Waterproof CosMetics

With Anticipation,

Roxana Turnbo
Owner of Gingrr Salt , LLC D.B.A GRR GRRL CosMetics

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