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The Strong Black Woman Schema and Why I Think Being a Strong Black Woman Is Overrated

Jocelyn Michelle Reaves Strong Black Woman Schema

The saying, "you have to work twice as hard for half as much," isn't just a word of wisdom or suggestive insight, it's an instruction from those who paid it forward for us to be better than the previous generation, and make the most out of what's been invested in us. Black women grow up with the implicit expectation of excellence. And, while black girl magic is real and being held in high regard is great, it can also be tiresome. Sometimes, just sometimes, it'd be nice to simply set everything aside.

I am strong, and I am a woman, and I am Black, but I don’t want to be a strong black woman.

I just want to be.

I want to experience life and feel my emotions as they come.

I want to bask in the present moment, knowing that a new moment awaits.

I want to rest and heal.

I want to laugh until I cry.

I want to feel my rage and release it without judgment.

I want to jump for joy and do a happy dance.

I want to be successful and soft.

I want to be silly and carefree and spontaneous and joyful.

I want to acknowledge the stress I feel after a long and hard day.

Rather than always pushing through, sometimes I’d like to push back and reclaim my time.

I want to have moments of weakness without being perceived as weak.

I want to be strong and Black, but I don’t want to be a strong Black woman.


For more information on the Strong Black Woman Schema, visit the American Psychological Association.

Confidence in Black Women

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