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Books Every Mom (or Mommy-to-Be) Should Read | Recommended Reading

They always say that there’s no handbook for parenting, and while it’s true that you’ll never fully be prepared until you become a parent yourself, there are still tons of resources and books out there to help you find your way. In this article, we’ve compiled our must-read reading list for moms. So, whether you’re a mom or mommy-to-be, our recommended reading list is here to help you be more confident along your motherhood journey, develop a sense of peace knowing that you’re not alone, and share a little insight about what to expect while (and after) you’re expecting.

What Do You Really Want for Your Children

Amanda Johnson, Founder of True to Intention recommends Dr. Wayne W. Dyers’s What Do You Really Want for Your Children? Johnson says that the book “helps new moms determined to raise emotionally healthier and happier children by gently challenging the cultural/familial assumptions and beliefs that often undermine our best intentions as parents. Not only are we encouraged to identify what we really want for our child, but we're also guided to reflect on how our conditioned expectations, words, and behaviors might actually promote the exact opposite outcomes. (Yikes!) Finally, and most importantly, Dr. Dyer offers a new lens through which we can see the incredible beings we have the opportunity to nurture into adulthood and provides suggestions for doing our most important job in truly empowering ways.”

While the book is great for any parent to read at any point along their journey, Amanda notes that this is the perfect pre-birth read as it can help you align your words, expectations, and actions so that your intentions can align with your outward expression before bringing your little one into the world.

A Little Less of A Hot Mess: the Modern Modern Mom’s Guide to Growth and Evolution

Next on the list is A Little Less of A Hot Mess: the Modern Mom’s Guide to Growth and Evolution. Written by licensed therapist Kaitlin Soule, this witty and heart-first book provides a step-by-step guide for women to heal as they embrace their motherhood journeys, and embrace the fact that they aren’t just mothers but are also world leaders, teachers, nurturers, creators, and providers. In her practical guide to growth, Soule gives you a step-by-step guide to embodying your role as a mother while also engaging in intentional evolution as an individual.

A Good Mom’s Guide to Making Bad Choices

Erica Dickerson and Jamila “Mila” Mapp are hosts of the podcast Good Moms Bad Choices, and are also authors of their recently-released debut book, A Good Mom’s Guide to Making Bad Choices. In the book, best friends Erica and Milah take us through their own journeys as single mothers of color raising children, being in (and falling out of) relationships, making mom friends, and, ultimately, finding themselves as they learned to redefine motherhood on their own terms. Part memoir, part guide, and part manifesto, the duo offers insight and tools that you can use to recognize your past traumas, find a way of healing, and break free from unrealistic expectations of what it means to be a good parent. Uncensored, unapologetic, empathetic, and no-holds-barred, A Good Mom’s Guide to Making Bad Choices takes an unconventional approach to motherhood. This is a fun read for moms who are defining their own path without concern for the status quo.

Atlas of the Heart Brene Brown book on emotions

Brené Brown’s Atlas of the Heart defines eighty-seven (87) human emotions and how they impact your ability to show up and facilitate meaningful relationships. While this book isn’t specific to parenthood, it offers great practical advice for understanding the inner workings of your emotions and was recommended by Chrissy Bernal of Be a Better Brand. Chrissy shares that this book is useful for any stage of the parenting journey, and helps moms “understand that the language of emotions is what shapes our thoughts and decisions when parenting. Brené Brown teaches us how to understand these emotions and cultivate them into meaningful relationships with our loved ones.”

Power of PR Parenting

The Power of PR Parenting is not only a number one bestseller on Amazon, it takes the unique perspective of how powerhouse PR Executive Marjie Hadad used her professional skills to manage life on the homefront. In addition to personal and professional stories of success and hiccups that we can all learn from, the book (and workbook) offers parents (and anyone who works with kids) step-by-step, practical advice and exercises on how to use public relations strategies as well as your own superpowers to instill self-esteem and help their kids to do and be their best. If you’re a working mom trying to balance your professional duties and aspirations with mindful parenting, this one is for you.

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