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Cultivating Confidence, Sales, and Financial Freedom with Sales Coach Dielle Charon

Dielle Charon is a certified life coach and seven-figure sales expert that believes entrepreneurship is the key to emancipation, and that the right mindset can move mountains. Charon is helping to build the next wave of female millionaires through her work helping women coaches of color achieve more sales. She is the host of the Black, Banked, and Booked Out Podcast and helps other coaches become sellers through her courses: Five Figure Freedom and Six Figure Liberation.

During this interview, Dielle shares key insights on how to seal the deal in any coaching sale and how she is cultivating confidence daily.

Dielle Charon, MSW, is a certified life coach and seven-figure sales expert for WOC Coaches.

Thanks for joining me. How do you cultivate confidence?

I cultivate confidence by learning and practicing leaning into my intuition. When I try to replicate others' strategies, I don’t get to success as quickly. I’m learning to be confident in my skills and my instincts and to build that confidence in those.

When did you know it was time to break free from your corporate job and go out on your own?

I knew it was time to break free when I realized a few things: one was when I saw that my salary would barely pay the student loans I had just finished getting to get this degree. I was also experiencing racism in the workplace and entrepreneurship was my ticket to freedom and to make my own rules.

What is the connection between financial freedom and confidence?

Financial freedom and confidence are connected because the freedom you experience financially allows you to have pride in what you have created. You learn to build confidence that you are in control and can make sales. You have that skill.

Thinking about taking the leap and doing it are two different things. Tell me about your road to success as an entrepreneur.

I remember talking to my parents about leaving my job as a social worker. They told me it was too risky. I did it anyway.

I made sure to save years worth of business and personal expenses so that I didn’t have the pressure on my business but I could let my business breathe.

From there, I went through different offers, podcast titles, and niches, but no matter what I was always Dielle and good at sales. I finally landed upon this as my offer and today I have built a seven-figure company sticking to my specialty.

What’s the key to success for those looking to make more work on a part-time basis?

The key to success is a few things:

  1. If you have a 9-5, don’t resent it. Instead, see it as the biggest investor in your business so that you can keep that mentally clear.

  2. Choose one marketing platform to get good at and show up on. When you do show up, keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate it. If you choose Instagram, go live, and write a thought in notes. and screenshot that as your post. Keep your marketing simple.

  3. Get good at sales and comfortable with it. Sales are what makes you money. You need to make time to get good at this and prioritize the skill.

One of your passions is working specifically with women of color. Tell me what bringing wealth to Black and Brown communities means to you.

I have a goal of helping 100 women become millionaires. Bringing wealth to these communities is a generational change. It’s emancipation. It’s freedom. It’s liberation. Freedom from racist workplaces. Freedom from generational poverty. Freedom from the mindset that you don’t deserve money and so much more. It is changing a generation and a culture.

What are the five things every entrepreneur should do to close the sale and seal the deal?

  1. Set the intention. Go into a sales call and let them know what is going to happen. This reduces the feeling that sales are bad. People have this idea that sales are like a car salesman. Instead, let them know you’re going to ask them questions, allow them to ask you anything, and then let them know how you can help. They then feel comfortable with what they’re getting into.

  2. Listen well. If you are doing most of the talking, this is not good. This should be primarily them sharing about what is going on. Listen well and be ok with telling them you’re going to take notes. This helps you ask follow-up questions well. If you hear an objection write it down so you can address it.

  3. Ask questions. Ask questions to help show you are listening and to drive them toward seeing your value. Ask follow-up questions about what they have shared.

  4. Treatment plan. Give a plan of what you can do to help them. It’s important to not give away all your secrets but instead show them how you would be of help to specifically that. Show them they need you and the life change that they will get.

  5. Ask if they would like to move forward. Ask them if they want to love forwards and give pricing. Then you have a clear decision handed to you. Respond quickly with anything to close the deal.

What’s the key to a successful money mindset?

The key is to make sure that you are in your numbers and have a plan for your money, making you neutral about money. Another key is to keep self-coaching yourself when any thoughts come up.

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