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Diipa Khosla Shares How She Juggles Mommy Life and Entrepreneurship as the Founder of Indē Wild

Diipa Büller-Khosla is a world-renowned model, philanthropist, and the Founder of Indē Wild, a natural skincare and beauty brand rooted in Ayurveda. For Diipa, the birth of Indē Wild was never a matter of if, but a matter of when. Born and raised in India, growing up around ancient Ayurvedic remedies for the mind, body and soul were the norm. Plus, her mother (lovingly known by Diipa’s followers and community as Momi) was and is a practicing Ayurvedic Doctor and Dermatologist, so science and tradition co-existed as part of daily life, self-care and healing in the Khosla family.

In this interview, Diipa shares how she went from being inspired by her mom and family traditions, to how she's juggling life as a mompreneur herself.

Diipa Buller-Khoshla Founder of inde wild

How did your daily routine change after having kids?

A day in my life has surprisingly become more cohesive. Being a mother has taught me to plan for countless scenarios. There is no magic formula for parenting; it takes time to learn how to be a parent. With time I've learned how to expect the unexpected. It's crucial to have a clear head and to schedule your tasks and activities. Having a planned day will help you feel less stressed. Of course, with a toddler, a lot can go haywire in minutes but with a sorted mind we all can manage!

What does balance mean to you?

Balance means Life to me. Life happens daily, it's how we react and act to it that helps us live a balanced life. The ability to retain inner serenity regardless of what life brings your way is the key to achieving balance.

I enjoy both my family and work, but it is crucial to find the middle ground to help you find peace of mind. Making time for both the essential things and the things you want is important in the long run. Every person has a different meaning of balance; you must figure out what it means for you. All you need to do is look within and ask yourself the right questions. Balance comes from yourself; embrace it.

What tips do you have for balancing home life with your responsibilities as an entrepreneur?

  1. Shower yourself with kindness. Not to sound cheesy, but you deserve it! Let go of the "would've, could've, should've," and embrace the present. Your children will benefit and learn from watching how you handle obstacles with perseverance. Being kind to yourself will improve your general wellness. Show kindness to everyone, including yourself.

  2. Intuition is everything. Your maternal instincts are a unique talent that will help you succeed in your mompreneur journey. You must learn to trust your gut--it’ll help you! The strength of intuition resides in your ability to benefit from it. So, make the most out of it.

  3. Practice self-care. In our crazy busy lives, self-care sometimes feels like a fever dream but it is super important. Self-care can be anything that makes you happy - from a workout to 9-step skincare routine, or Netflix to just having a nap. It's all about meeting your physical, mental, and emotional needs; anything that helps you get there. Prioritizing yourself matters.

  4. Priorities, priorities and priorities. Be sure of what you want to achieve and how. Setting realistic priorities will help you do that. It ensures that your progress towards your objectives is steady. You can use your resources and energy more wisely this way. You’ve got 24 hours a day; how to make the best out of it is on you.

  5. Schedule time for fun. All I wanted to do when I was a kid was play. I want my daughter to experience the same. It's easy to forget about having fun when we have so many responsibilities. We have the chance to interact and form connections and prevent burnout while maintaining a positive mood. And trust me, your kids are gonna have the best time!

What do you wish you'd known before embracing your new life as a mompreneur?

Let's be honest, it's not easy to juggle work, kids, home life, and whatnot. It's normal to feel overwhelmed at the thought of juggling being a mother and running a business at the same time. It's necessary to surround oneself with individuals that improve and strengthen you.

What I’ve learned in my mompreneur journey is that I am not alone. I wish I knew that before. That's why I try to make sure every woman who is on a similar journey never feels alone. You can be challenged to grow by other moms--they can also offer space, understanding, and a place to be real. Plus you are gonna get some awesome tips from them!

Learn to seek help. Everyone believes that going out alone takes courage, but in my opinion, seeking help when you need it takes even more courage. My family and friends have been my guiding force in my journey with Dua and my career. I've been blessed with a dedicated team that helps me be a better mompreneur. The ideal team doesn't just respect your values and expectations but also understands you. For me whatever the situation is, I feel okay with my loved ones. And for that, I’m grateful.

Any final words of wisdom?

Do everything with Love.

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