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Free to Be | Celebrating Juneteenth and Black Creativity

As the jubilant echoes of liberation resound on Juneteenth, a day commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, we are reminded not only of the end of physical bondage but also of the enduring power of creative emancipation. In this spirit, we turn our focus to the remarkable contributions of Black women whose creative prowess has indelibly shaped the cultural landscape. Juneteenth offers us an opportunity to celebrate the journey of these visionary trailblazers, highlighting the invaluable freedom they have wielded to create, express, and inspire.

For centuries, Black women have defied the constraints imposed upon them, harnessing their innate resilience and tenacity to forge their own paths. Despite facing intersecting barriers of race, gender, and class, their unwavering spirit has triumphed, offering profound glimpses into the vast tapestry of human experience. From the literary brilliance of Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison to the sonic ingenuity of Nina Simone and Beyoncé, Black women have used their artistic expressions as catalysts for change, amplifying voices that were once silenced, and daring to challenge the status quo.

Juneteenth Celebration Tulsa, Oklahoma

Through their creative endeavors, Black women have illuminated the multifaceted dimensions of their existence, reclaiming narratives, and reshaping the world's perception of their identity. They have summoned the past, paying homage to their ancestral heritage, while simultaneously forging new paths toward a future brimming with limitless possibilities. Whether through the written word, visual arts, music, dance, or other mediums, Black women have woven a vibrant tapestry of self-expression that both reflects and transcends their lived experiences.

This Juneteenth, we honor and celebrate the resilience and creative freedom of Black women. Through this article, we invite you on a journey that pays tribute to the unbreakable spirit of those who have paved the way and continue to inspire generations to come. Together, let us bear witness to the transformative power of artistic liberation and reaffirm our commitment to nurturing and amplifying the voices of Black women, ensuring that their stories and contributions shine brightly in the tapestry of our collective history. Let us celebrate being free to be…

Free to Explore Our Unlimited Potential

Today we celebrate breaking free of the bondage of expectation and stepping into our power, our truth, and our potential. In doing so, we find our purpose and share our light with the world. Anna Taylor of Taylor Consulting shares her liberation story in which she found rest and peace in a world of hustle:

Taylor Consulting Anna Taylor

Free to Own Our Existence

We inhabit our bodies, but very seldom do we embody the essence of who we are. By paying homage to the ancestors that came before us, and going forward with the confidence that we are worthy of abundant grace, joy, expression, and freedom, we reclaim our identities, our minds, our bodies, and our souls. EbonyJanice Moore, CEO of The Free People Project Shares her perspective:

EbonyJanice The Free People Project

Free to Embrace Joy and Release Pain

Trauma can be passed down from generation to generation, meaning we inherit the mental and emotional wounds of those who came before us. Today, we celebrate being free of bondage, lack mentality, and feelings of unworthiness, to embrace the truth of who we are: undoubtedly beautiful, worthy, and powerful beings. Lynnette Price, Founder and Head Wellness Coach at Moodwellth shares how she is releasing post-traumatic slave syndrome:

Lynnette Price Wellness Coach Moodwellth

Free to Build

While we run a race with more hurdles than others, we still have the opportunity to build on the foundation that has been laid for us. Today we celebrate using what we have to get to where we want to be, following the road less traveled, and taking the path of least resistance to stay in flow. Kari Sayers, Founder of the Gorgeous Mindset Company, shares how she is building and growing from a sturdy foundation:

Kari Sayers Gorgeous Mindset Company

Free to Prioritize Our Own Needs

When your existence is predicated on the false notion that you are three-fifths human and your life is dedicated to the service of others, the concept of self-care is obsolete. Today, we celebrate being free to prioritize our own needs, bask in the growth that comes from self-care, and own our voices and the ability to speak our minds. Crystle Johnson, The DEI Coach shares what this means to her:

Crystle Johnson The DEI Coach

The Power to Transform

We are co-creators of our lives. Today we celebrate having the freedom to own our creativity to transform any situation to work for our good. We embrace the ability to navigate difficult situations with confidence and transform our pain into purpose. Sandra Adu, a creative soul by trade and Founder of Black Girls in Design, shares her perspective:

Sandra Adu Black Girls in Design

Free to Break Barriers

We are bold, beautiful, and capable of amazing things. We use negativity and doubt as fuel to light the path ahead, knowing we were meant to break barriers and shatter glass ceilings. Jeanel Alvarado, the trailblazer behind RETAILBOSS shares how she’s paving the way for herself and others in the retail industry:

Jeanel Alvarado Retail Boss

Free to Pursue Passion and Find Fulfillment

Life will never present a lack of to-dos, should-dos, and can-dos. In the midst of all that potential lies passion–what sets our hearts on fire and fuels the soul. Today we celebrate being free to honor the light within at the expense of disappointing others and follow our hearts to find our way. Alliah Agostini, Author of The Juneteenth Story: Celebrating the End of Slavery in the United States, shares her personal story of letting go of expectations to do work that envigorates her:

Alliah Agostini


Stay inspired today and every day. Bask in the glory of your existence, honor your truth, and respect your being.

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