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From Media Mogul to Mother | Making the Transition with PR Pro Alli Rodriguez of ARPR

Alli Rodriguez has been a publicist for over 15 years. She started her company, Alli Rodriguez Public Relations, in 2011 and has been on fire ever since, servicing over 40 clients in just one year’s time. Her expertise is in media outreach–connecting her clients to major and local media, event management, and securing brand endorsements. Alli has helped her clients land features on Fox, CNN, CBS, Life & Style, Ok!, and more.

During this interview Alli shares her personal transition from successful entrepreneur to mother, and how she makes life work while wearing both hats.

Alli Rodriguez Public Relations Expert

Some say that having a business is like having a baby. Now that you’ve experienced both, can you confirm for us whether that rings true?

My agency has FOR SURE been my baby, and I think it definitely is true. In the beginning, ARPR had to be nurtured and given lots of time and attention in order to grow. We still do provide that same level of service to grow however, it’s a little bit easier to obtain clients, keep them, and establish media relationships when you’re over 15 years in, versus three years.

How did your daily routine change after having kids?

Wow, SO MUCH! I used to work all hours and now I have learned to work smarter and not harder. I am much more intentional with my day. I delegate more tasks than I did before. I also know that if something doesn't get done that day that there is tomorrow. I have become much more mindful and present. Each day I have my to-do list and I put the highest priorities there. I know that I need to maximize the hours I have available when the baby is occupied, so I ensure that I handle all the important tasks then and wait until he is sleeping to continue the non-urgent tasks, such as reviewing non-urgent emails, working on projects, etc.

What does balance mean to you?

Being able to do everything in harmony.

What tips do you have for balancing home life with your responsibilities as an entrepreneur?

For me, I have found that not being so controlling over the day-to-day tasks is essential. If I can't get laundry done on a Tuesday like I used to do, I can do it Wednesday. Your children come first and work is essential, but you need to delegate tasks out accordingly so that if you need to focus on your child, another team member can handle the work. Learn to be present. Take in the moments and take them second by second. Don't focus on what's going to happen two days from now because you already have enough to do right now.

What do you wish you'd known before embracing your new life as a mompreneur?

That I can still do it all and not feel guilty. I think in the beginning I was worried that I wouldn't be able to. It gets done. Not always in the moment I want it to, but it gets done. I am not sure that I will ever overcome the “mom guilt” because I think it’s just a part of you once you become a Mom. Your life changes and you can still continue to be that fierce and powerful CEO but in my life anyways, my child comes first and I just remember on the tough days that this too shall pass and that I will never get these moments back.

How can we do a better job of supporting new moms?

I love this question because believe it or not, I have had some female clients who are mothers who were definitely NOT supportive at all and it has been discouraging. I think that we need to give new moms a break. We are navigating so many things and I think anyone in our lives who sees that we need support should step in and assist where they can. I think anyone who is not supportive should be cut off immediately because, speaking for myself, I don’t have the capacity to be able to entertain things that aren’t positive and productive.

Any final words of wisdom?

Give yourself grace. You have built an empire but it will take adjustments and shifting to make it all work smoothly. You may need to shift your plan once in a while but it will all work out.

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