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Hot N Saucy Founder Samantha Allonce Shares Lessons Learned from Becoming a Mompreneur

Chef Samantha Allonce is a first-generation Jamaican-American who is influenced by Caribbean cuisine, bringing a passion for spices and unexpected pairings. Her successful hot sauce brand, Hot N Saucy, is influenced by her culture, zest for life, and love for creating unique flavors. She began her career in food as a private chef for clients including Leslie Jones, RocNation, Adidas, and The Daily Show, after switching from a career in cancer research. In this interview, Samantha shares how her life has changed after becoming a mom, and how she's learned to be more efficient with her time and energy as both a mom and small business owner.

How did your daily routine change after having kids?

I developed more of a routine after having kids. That’s the only way that I can get anything done. Naps and work are scheduled simultaneously and time for eating and rest for me is also now scheduled. Prior to having kids, that was something I never paid that much attention to.

What does balance mean to you?

Balance is something that’s ever-changing for me, but right now it means my kid's needs are being met as well as mine. As the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” taking out time for myself is starting to feel less selfish and more required in order to be and do my best.

What tips do you have for balancing home life with your responsibilities as an entrepreneur?

  • Writing everything down - brain dump. This somewhat clears my head in the morning.

  • Meal prep!

  • Schedule calls and meetings when kids are in school or napping.

  • Find some me-time or time to decompress at some point in the day.

  • Do at least one work item and one home item a day. Even if just one thing gets done, it,s something.

What do you wish you'd known before embracing your new life as a mompreneur?

I wish I would’ve known that it all doesn’t all have to get done right now, and to not treat everything like a fire. I have also learned that everyone else is just as clueless and trying to figure things out like I am, so I wish I’d known not to be so hard on myself.

How can we do a better job of supporting new moms?

Sometimes all moms need is someone who will listen. Not everything needs a prescription or advice or problem-solving, sometimes you just need to get things off your chest.

Any final words of wisdom?

It does not all have to get done today and not everything is a fire. Prioritizing is key and has decreased some of my stress in this new mom life.

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