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If Not Now Wen Podcast | Podcast Interview | Aug 2020

As the founder of Fireside Insights,LLC, and CoachedIt, Jocelyn work with clients to ensure they have the skills, network, and confidence they need to build and grow.

CoachedIt was founded by Jos Michelle in 2020 through her work as Founder & CEO of Fireside Insights, LLC. Working with industry leaders and entrepreneurs, Jos Michelle realized that one of the most critical barriers preventing people from accomplishing their goals wasn't just a lack of adequate resources and experience; lack of confidence and a community of support proved to be critical barriers. CoachedIt was created to bridge the gap.

Jos Michelle is a Chicago native and life-long learner. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Connecticut College, Master's from Boston University and is currently a part-time law student. Jos has roots in the healthcare sector where she has worked as a consultant and leader for multiple thriving companies such as CVS Health, GfK (now Ipsos), and Steward Health Care Network.

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