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Monday Motivation for March 20, 2023

As you ease into your week, remember that you get to decide the trajectory of your life. It’s never too late to start anew, to try again, or to forge a new path…and any moment is the perfect moment to start.

Oftentimes we let the doubtful narrative that’s running in our heads dictate our worthiness, our value, and ultimately our ability to take action. What I want you to know is that while our past is our own personal history, and is a sum of the previous choices that we’ve made, it doesn’t have to dictate the future.

It’s time to reclaim your narrative. It’s time to take up space and decide what you want and go for it. It’s time to live authentically and abundantly in your own pure potential.

Now, once you make the decision to live out loud, know that the path won’t always be easy–life is full of twists and turns that aren’t merely challenges, but opportunities to grow and strengthen our abilities to handle what’s up ahead.

No matter what, just remember: you got this!

Have a great week! I’ll see you back here for Confidence Conversations this Thursday.