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Productive Living Tips | Article | March 2023

Knowing how to set goals, and the importance of setting goals is one thing. But one aspect that is often overlooked is the power of self-reflection when it comes to goal setting.

Most people like to set it and forget when it comes to setting goals, however, this can be a mistake. Self-reflection is important not only in the setting of goals but throughout the entire journey.

In this article, we will discuss the power of self-reflection in goal setting and some methods you could use in order to self reflect effectively.

For this article we were able to get some insights from Jocelyn Michelle Reaves ( Jocelyn is a dynamic and accomplished individual who has made a significant impact in the fields of healthcare and entrepreneurship. With a background in healthcare executive roles, and now a certified life coach, Reaves has a deep understanding of the importance of helping people reach their full potential. Below I added a mixture of things I learned from her and insights from my own research/methods as well.

Benefits Of Self Reflection When It Comes To Goal Setting

Some may argue that self reflection in goal setting is the most important aspect. Otherwise, you could take a wrong turn and get off track for long periods of time without noticing. Here are some ways self-reflection can benefit your goal setting.

Self Reflection Helps Us Get a Deep Understanding Of Ourselves

Jocelyn explained that self-reflection is an important tool that helps us understand our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

It enables us to have a clear understanding of who we are and make more mindful decisions. One of the benefits of self-reflection is that it helps us get a deeper understanding of our values and beliefs, which allows us to set goals that align with them.

By understanding our “why,” we can be inspired and disciplined in the attainment of our goals, even when motivation is fleeting. Through self-reflection, we are able to develop a plan of action that is aligned with our lifestyles, values, and habits, putting us on the right track to achieving our goals.

It’s often hard for people to set goals because they don’t necessarily know what it is that they want to achieve in life (along with these other reasons).

Self Reflection Let’s You See Your Wins

When you take the time to sit back and see the progress you’ve made, even if it’s the littlest of progress, it can give you the boost you need to keep pushing forward. Hitting milestones like your first 2 pounds lost or your first $1 online are enough to make you feel proud and determined to keep going.

You Can Learn Your Weaknesses

If you’re not getting the progress you’d like, another benefit of self reflection in goal setting is learning your weaknesses. Whether it’s the lack of focus, procrastination, or another factor, you can identify what is holding you back and make effective changes to get on track. If you’re someone that doesn’t self reflect, it’s really hard to dig deep and pinpoint what your weaknesses are.

Self Reflection Could Help You Build Further & Faster

Let’s say you set a goal to make money blogging. At first, it may seem like a realistic goal to write one blog post per week. However, when you do something consistently and get over the learning curve, you may be able to increase your output. So instead of doing 1 blog post per week, through self reflection, maybe that 1 post will turn to 3.

Self Reflection Helps With Work Life Balance

When you self reflect, you’re less likely to be all over the place. You will get things done in a more timely manner when it comes to your work. This will lead to more time for your family and activities that you enjoy outside of work. So on top of these guidelines for setting goals at work, self reflection will help with creating that much needed balance in life.

What Are Some Of The Best Ways In Order To Reflect On Our Goals?

Now that we went over the benefits of self reflection with goal setting, let’s talk about some of the most effective ways to go about self reflection. Jocelyn gave us some good methods for self reflection:


Jocelyn stated, “When you write out your thoughts and feelings, you give yourself the opportunity to read between the lines of your consciousness to get a deeper understanding of where you are, what you want, and how you feel.”

The first method Jocelyn gave us is also my personal favorite. Writing down your thoughts at the end of the day is a sure way to make sure you stay on track for the next day. Some things you could reflect on with journaling to make sure the next day is better are:

  • What you didn’t get done

  • Things you did good

  • Your goals for the next day (night time is the best time to do this)

  • Lastly, write down a gratitude list


Jocelyns second recommendation is meditation. She stated that, ” Silencing your mind and quieting your thoughts to get in touch with your inner self is a powerful way to create space for yourself and become more consciously aware of your thoughts, feelings, goals, and desires.”