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She Knows What Works | Podcast Interview | Apr 2021

You know the feeling when you’re FINALLY READY TO launch your business, you worked so hard for months, but something happens and you stop. You have the list in front of you, with all the things you should do, but something inside you just can't move forward. You see all those amazing entrepreneurs who are crushing it, and a voice in your head whispers, you will never be like them. Well today's guest helps women to overcome that obstacle, find and solve the root behind it, so you can fulfill your dreams and purpose in life. Today we talk about how to cultivate confidence on a daily basis, how to find happiness in your daily life and live your truth.


Jocelyn wants to live in a world where people freely pursue their passions and live so abundantly that they feel compelled to spread that abundance to others. So what’s the problem? More than anything else, Jocelyn believes that one of the biggest barriers that stands between us and our goals is a lack of confidence, fueled by a general lack mindset that permeates throughout society as a whole. To combat this, she work with women to go from a mindset of not enough to more than enough. Jocelyn is the Founder of Fireside Insights, LLC, CoachedIt, and Cultivating Confidence Daily. Jocelyn received her B.A. in Cellular Molecular Biology from Connecticut College and her Master of Public Health Degree from Boston University. She is a certified life coach and lifelong learner.

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