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Simple Ways to Chip Away at Self Doubt

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Our actions, thoughts, and words are powerful and have the ability to manifest themselves in our lives. For those who struggle with self-doubt and feelings of lack, those negative thoughts lying underneath the surface have the ability to hinder us from achieving the goals that we’ve set for ourselves. Self-doubt can cost us dreams, relationships, careers and cause fear and anxiety. It can stop us from progressing and tapping into our potential. Thus, in this article I'm sharing a couple quick and easy ways to eliminate self-doubt and start thinking with the mindset of self success instead of self doubt.

  1. Positivity is key! I cannot stress how important positivity is, especially at times when you’re doubting your greatness. There is power in whatever you project into the universe. If you constantly fill your space with negativity, you will encounter negativity. During the days that I am doubting myself or feeling down, I try to be positive and fill my mind with positive thoughts. Counteracting feelings of fear, doubt and anxiety by being optimistic will take you a long way.

  2. Remind yourself why the dream is worth pursuing. When dealing with self-doubt, we tend to think that 1) our dreams are not worthy and 2) we are not capable. During moments like this, you should express to yourself why you are pursing that dream in the first place. Figure out what ignited that passion and continue on from there.

  3. Think of your past accomplishments. Can you think of past experiences when you overcame self-doubt and accomplished what you set out to do? This is always a great place to start. It will show that you’re indeed capable and that you can overcome adversity and achieve your goals, whether big or small.

  4. Consult your support network. A good and supportive network can take you a long way and ease some of the fear you encounter during self-doubt. During periods when I am unsure of myself and my career progression, I reach out to my network. These people see your progress differently than you and can shed light on the progress you have made. My best friend and I have built such a network, and when we have trouble realizing our own progress and success, we help each other navigate through that space.

No individual is free of negativity, however there are actions we can take to prevent that negativity from impacting our lives and the way we view ourselves. During hard times it may be hard to see the progress you have made and the potential everyone sees in you. Understand that you have made it as far as you have because you are intelligent, strong-willed and deserving. Don’t let self-doubt prevent you from being great. Tenacity, faith and a great group of supporters can help you overcome it. Ultimately, believe that you can do it and you will!