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The Essence of True Beauty, Success, and Inner Peace with Masha Banar

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

If there’s anyone who can take a no and turn it into a yes it’s Masha Banar, PA-C. Masha is a physician assistant and the Founder of Visage Sculpture and Mesolyft. While Masha is a powerhouse and successful entrepreneur today, she had to face a hard road of resilience and tenacity to get to where she is. Her journey was met with lots of external rejection and doubt, but the one thing that never changed was Masha’s belief in herself.

During this Confidence Conversation, Masha teaches us how managing your mindset, staying true to yourself, and hard work are critical to success in all aspects of life.

Confidence is the ability to enjoy your true essence. It is focusing on what you like about yourself and appreciating who you are.

Build your business, but be balanced. Masha opened Visage Sculpture 12 years ago while she was pregnant with her son. Although she is grateful for her success and is a true testament to having it all, she highly recommends finding that sweet spot of balance between work and family life.

Cultivate a community that will build you up. Masha acknowledges that one huge reason that she was able to balance having young kids and a burgeoning business was due to her support system. Having family and friends that can help carry the load is invaluable to time management and effective juggling. Furthermore, a supportive network that will speak encouragement and breathe life into your dreams is essential because they will see the light at the end of the tunnel even when you might not be able to.

Don’t take the naysayers too seriously. If you have big dreams you’re going to have big haters or people that will doubt your ability to succeed. Flip their doubt on its head by using it as your fuel to keep going. When Masha was preparing to open her clinic, people would say things like “who’s going to come to a physician assistant?” Rather than get discouraged, Masha worked in silence and grace and proved them wrong.

If you believe it, you can have it...but you’re going to have to work for it. Masha came up with the idea for Mesolyft after having her first son. Excited to bring her product from vision to reality, she met with dozens of engineers who all turned her down--they were accustomed to working with large firms and big investors, not a woman with an idea for a beauty enhancement product. Masha heard rejection after rejection, even attending a conference of engineers where each attendee turned her down. Finally, Masha found an engineering plant near her in Massachusetts whom she called and emailed every single day for about three months. One day she left a voicemail saying “I am going to keep calling until you answer my message.” Just like that she was in the room, and before she knew it she had a deal.

Don’t listen to people; listen to your passions and follow your gut. We often stray away from the vision that we have for ourselves and our life based on what we see in the world around us and what other people tell us is possible. However, faith is that quiet knowledge not yet realized. Have faith in your dreams and follow your path to see them come into fruition. Your road won’t look like those that have already been paved.

We create our own environment. Things are only as stressful or as bad as you allow them to be. Change your environment by changing your mindset and choosing peace.

Do what feels right, even if that means you’ll miss out. Whether it’s in business or in life, you’ll be presented with opportunities that seem fun, exciting, or even lucrative that cost you your values. Always choose what’s right in your heart. Your passions and your purpose will pave a way for you, whereas simply following a paycheck may lead you down a road where you don’t even remember who you are or why you started in the first place.

The power of karma is real. Treat people the way you want to be treated and you’ll begin noticing that you get what you give in life. When you do the right thing you build your character and sense of integrity. You attract what you are, so if you are true and honest you attract true and honest people.

To stay confident on a daily basis, Masha recommends: (1) elevating your vibration by doing things as simple as putting on perfume or wearing a nice outfit. When we act or dress well despite how we feel on the inside, we project a higher energy and begin to meet that frequency. (2) Practice gratitude. Be grateful for the smallest things in life and you’ll have true joy and peace. (3) Build a community of like-minded women that truly support one another. You won’t always be at your best, but your tribe can help guide you back to where you need to be.

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