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The Million Dollar Entrepreneur Revolutionizing Email Marketing and Business Success

Updated: Jul 18

Kirsten Roldan is an email marketing guru and the Founder of two signature programs: Million Dollar Email and Million Dollar CEO. Million Dollar Email is the only marketing program in the industry that helps you make social media optional and hit your first six to seven figures with email marketing alone. Million Dollar CEO helps coaches and service providers scale to $1 million a year peacefully with the right team, systems, and mindset.

Kirsten is a Puerto Rican, New Yorker who was born to a teen single mom and beat the odds by scaling a $1M business with a small email list, following, and a lean team.

During this interview, Kirsten shares the keys to successful email marketing, her thoughts on hiring a team, and how to be more confident as an entrepreneur.

Kirsten Roldan, is the Founder of two signature programs, Million Dollar Email and Million Dollar CEO.

How do you cultivate confidence?

I cultivate confidence by showing up as my full self. I make sure that the Kirsten I bring online is the Kirsten that I am in real life. I am open and honest about my mental health struggles and how I manage running a business while living with depression, anxiety, and more.

I also embody being the best in my industry every day. I call it my Million Dollar Energy. People can feel my confidence in everything I do.

What’s the key to writing compelling copy?

The key to writing compelling copy is to believe your offer is the best. When you believe your offer is the best, you know how to romanticize it to your audience. You write completely differently when you’re confident and in love with your offer. For example, because I believe my offer is the best, I confidently talk about how you can completely replace social media and make more money than ever before. You don’t see other email programs writing about their offers that way, which makes mine stand out. The best copy starts with full body confidence in what you’re selling.

Why do you prefer email over other modes of lead generation?

Email is the most ethical form of sales and lead generation because it allows people to consent to your marketing and have all their questions answered before buying from you. Many people will say that sending a lot of emails is annoying to their subscribers, but I send multiple sales emails a day and clients always comment that they feel like they know exactly what they are getting. There are no questions about what it entails. I am able to really address all angles, all objections, and all features that they receive. You cannot do that on a social media post or reel.

Email is also the most efficient form of content creation. I love how easy it is to create and repurpose emails to social content or other areas. I can take these emails and write podcast episodes, then I convert it to a social media graphic and caption. Just one email can turn into multiple content pieces.

Lastly, email is the simplest marketing strategy. All you have to do is write. You don’t have to create a written caption, then record a video, then edit it, then create a cover for it, then post it, just to get one piece of content out. I see clients write as many as ten emails in an hour, providing them more sales opportunities with less time spent on creating content. There is no algorithm or guessing, you send the emails and people receive them. It’s that simple.

What do you say to those who have tried cold-emailing but haven’t experienced any success?

Cold emailing is not going to be as successful as building a list of subscribers that want to hear from you. Instead of individually cold emailing 50 people and only getting one conversion, you could send emails to a list of 50 people and convert 50% of them, because they specifically joined your list to hear about your services. I have clients who have converted thousands of dollars with lists of less than 20 people! Cold emailing does not typically lead to as many buyers.

It can be hard for individuals to ride the line between finding their authentic voice and writing in a way that will help them seal the deal. How can they do both successfully?

In order to write authentically and seal the deal, you have to write how you talk and believe your offer is the best, like I mentioned before. Think about when you absolutely love a new restaurant and imagine you believe it’s the best food you’ve ever had. How do you talk about the best food you’ve ever had to your friends? Think about how you persuade them to go. That’s how you’ll persuade people authentically to buy from you in email too. Talk about your offer like it’s the best food you’ve ever had, and you want all your friends to have it.

What are the top five systems entrepreneurs need to implement to save time and become more efficient?

  1. SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). You should have standard operating procedures for your business operations, product launches, and client delivery. An effective SOP allows anyone to walk into your business and run it whether you’re there or not. This saves you time and money because your team is working on faster and with less back and forth required from you.

  2. Team Management/Communication. You want a system to manage your team communication. How can you allow your team to talk to each other without always including you? How can communication be referred back to as well to reduce more back and forth or bottlenecks before a project is finished? I use Slack with my own team. I have very organized channels and times of day that I hop in there myself. I get tagged only when it is pertinent to me so that I am managing my time and energy well.

  3. Email of Course. I am a strong advocate of email and keeping in communication with your audience via email. This saves you time from constantly having to create social content and being in your DMs and instead allows you to focus on writing the emails, letting them get sent, and making new sales while you’re focusing on growing your business.

  4. Review Days. I have a day each week that I review everything from my team. Instead of daily reviewing and providing items for my team, I am instead reviewing one day a week. My team knows to get me stuff by then, then I review it all in a day, and they have what they need by that day and I have protected my energy throughout the other days.

  5. Rest. I make sure that I include out-of-office days. I make sure I buffer around my launches as I know that I will need more mental energy and space to not spin out about numbers or to show up and sell well. Rest is powerful in order to allow us to continue to grow our business in a sustainable way.

How do you know it’s time to scale and go from solopreneur to looking for your first hire?

If you have a business at all, you need to hire support. Most solopreneurs are still managing their 9-5 work schedule alongside their business and not having support can make it take longer to grow. I hired an assistant when I started my business, and even paid for it right from my 9-5 paycheck, so I could focus 100% on getting clients and nothing else. You can start small, just a few hours a week of support can help tremendously.

If you’re a full-time solopreneur, the same still applies. Hire support now to take everything off your plate that isn’t sales focused. Having support will increase your revenue, making the cost small in comparison to what you can gain.

What does success mean to you?

Success means you’re achieving all of your goals, peacefully. You could hit a million dollars in sales, travel the world, have a stacked bank account, but have no peace. Any goal I set for myself isn’t worth my peace.

Any final words of wisdom?

I have helped people scale from $0 to $2M a year, and have seen it all. Email, team, systems and mindset work are the keys to a peaceful, million-dollar business.

  • Millionaires are writing emails. Millionaires are focusing on their team, systems, and mindset.

  • Every 7-Figure Entrepreneur you know and love in this industry is making money primarily from email, even when they have podcasts and social media posts. They don’t have a reels or close friends strategy, they aren’t on live video every week.

  • They are not doing everything themselves and they have strong systems and they started this work before they even hit $1M a year.

  • If you can master your email marketing, team, systems and mindset skills, a million-dollar business is inevitable.

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