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UIC Today | Podcast Interview | Feb 2022

“I think a lot of times we get in these boardrooms, classrooms, and really shrink ourselves. And then you remember that day that you were back in the classroom, and you were affirmed by a professor that looked like you and told you to speak up, so I think that was probably the most valuable experience that I’ve had at UIC.” Jocelyn Reaves


Jocelyn Reaves is a health care executive turned serial entrepreneur who has a passion for helping people actualize their potential. Before earning a bachelor’s degree in cellular molecular biology from Connecticut College and a master’s of public health from Boston University, Reaves attended UIC’s Early Outreach Program, which provides a health-focused, supplemental learning and research experience for K–12 students and prepares them for college and careers in health care.

As an entrepreneur, she helps business owners reach their goals through her company Fireside Insights, and equips life and business coaches with the tools they need through CoachedIt. She has real and raw conversations about self-actualization and breaking internal barriers via her Cultivating Confidence Daily website and “Confidence Conversations” podcast. She also founded The Cause Mall to bring economic opportunity and empowerment to traditionally marginalized business owners through brand visibility and business education.

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