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Be Your Own Cheerleader: Woman-Owned Spotlight with Coach Marla Albertie

Marla Albertie is an energetic visionary whose personal mantra is to #TeachTrainEducate working women who want to understand their truth and live a life of success defined on their own terms. Marla believes that we can all create the life that we want, and she helps women do just that as the Founder of TruthSpeaksGroup LLC, a multimedia coaching company that specializes in helping women create work-life integration and harmony.

Confidence Coach Marla Albertie

Thanks for sitting down with Confidence Daily! Tell us about what you do.

I consider myself the Work-Life Harmonizer. In other words, I LOVE to help people (mainly the 9-5 working woman) discover how to harmonize–and not balance–all areas of her life. I am a certified coach and trainer who loves to write. I am also an author and a Ph.D. Candidate. My multi-media coaching and training company Truth Speaks Group, LLC, is the hub for me to help the 9-5 working woman.

How do you cultivate confidence?

This is such a great question. For me, confidence is not a one-time thing, it is ongoing. The only way to build and cultivate confidence is to keep going. You must believe in what you are doing and never give up. Confidence comes when you are constantly working on something, and you get so good at it people will pay you for it.

What does being a woman-owned business mean to you?

It means EVERYTHING! Women have come a long way and yes, we have yet a long way to go. Beyonce said correctly: “We run the world." I am proud of what I have built and what I continue to build, as it allows young girls to see it is possible for them as well. I am building a legacy.

What was your business origin story?

I started my company doing resumes for free, and I noticed people kept coming to me for career and life advice in general. Those conversations led me to understand the science of coaching. Therefore I got certified in multiple areas of coaching and started my business and here I am 10 years later.

Okay, coming up with a great idea and actually taking steps to become an entrepreneur and launch your company are two very different things. How did you know it was time to start?

Actually, there is no secret formula. A person must have a passion and skill that can serve others, and most importantly you must solve a problem. I knew it was time to start my business when people kept coming to me for career and life advice. I said hey “I need to get paid for this,” so I started.

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Sometimes entrepreneurship can be a hard and isolating journey. How do you stay confident along the way?

I love a good and inspiring story, so I make sure I listen to an array of podcasts and read A LOT. I am also a member of a few masterminds that are comprised of people who think like me. The key is to stay around people who can add to you. Many people will not understand what you are doing, so you have to stay focused. Remember, Steve Jobs was told the iPhone was a dumb idea.

If you had to list three traits or attributes that have been pivotal for your success, what would they be?

  • Life-long learning

  • Me-time/ Boundaries

  • Being authentic (I treat people like the humans they are) we are not robots, life happens

What's one myth you'd like to debunk about your line of work?

Coaching is a non-regulated field; therefore, you DO NOT need a certification, however, I highly recommend it. I became certified because I knew I had the experience, but I also wanted to understand the skill and science of coaching.

What advice would you give to burgeoning entrepreneurs?

You have to be your biggest cheerleader, if you don’t believe in what you are doing how will anyone else?

What words do you live by?

My motivational phrase is KIM, Keep it Moving. No matter what, keep going.

Any final words of wisdom?

Yes…it is not cliché, the law of attraction is real. If your mind can see it then you can be it! Now go get it!