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You Already Have Everything You Need: Healing from Within feat. Candice Jones

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Candice Jones is a self care expert and self acceptance guru. As the founder of Everything She Is Co., and author of The Self Love Workbook, Jones has done the inner healing required to understand herself and heal old wounds. Candice created her platform to reflect what she needed during her time of self growth, and to provide womxn with the tools they need to love themselves on a deeper level. Here's a few things we talked about during our time together:

Confidence is owning who you are. While this may sound cliche, the truth is that it can be an internal fight sometimes. Thus, Candice shares that in order to cultivate confidence from within you have to love yourself and who you were created to be regardless of how your external situation looks.

You’re not born with an innate sense of confidence, it’s something that you have to work on and cultivate day by day. How do you do this? First, Candice recommends that you address the things that you feel insecure about and get to the root of them, and secondly, that you give yourself grace when you don’t feel the greatest. After all, it’s only human to go through highs and lows.

You have to do the hard work to heal. True self acceptance and healing comes from getting to the root of your issues and digging them up. While this may seem like a simple process, it challenges you to relive some painful moments in your past so that you can learn and grow from them. In her journey, Candice shares that her healing process brought up feelings of shame, and she had to rewire her brain to reframe how she thought about the mistakes she’d made. In the end, it’s about learning from your journey, not getting bogged down by it.

When you’re living with intent, nothing is really a mistake. Sure, you may look back on some moments and wish that you’d made a different decision, but when you take the time to be introspective you’re able to understand the lessons and opportunities that came from even your darkest moments.

Get rid of negative self-talk. The words we hear have the power to frame our mindset; this includes the words we tell ourselves. When you find yourself thinking self-deprecating thoughts, try to replace each negative point with a positive affirmation. Need help with that? Candice’s Self-Love Workbook will show you how.

Your life path will pave a way for you. Oftentimes we pursue what we feel we should do rather than what we want to do. When we push against the tide of our lives, we will find resistance. Candice found this to be true during her time pursuing a medical career even though she knew her heart wasn’t in it. Finally succumbing to the fact that there was a different calling on her life, Candice was able to pursue her path of purpose. Admittedly, this act of surrendering didn’t come easy, but it brought peace.

When you feel like your life lacks purpose, try to connect with your Source. God is with us whether we acknowledge Him or not. At the height of her self-acceptance journey Candice found herself transitioning from the “fun” self-care tasks like taking a bath and sipping a glass of wine to getting in touch with her spirituality. This ultimately helped her unlock the key to her purpose.

To stay in a healthy frame of mind, practice being present. Candice points out that when you are overly involved with all of the things that you have to do, you miss out on the opportunity of the present moment.

Productivity isn’t everything. Your accomplishments are an asset to who you are, but they don’t make up the core of who you are.

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