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Our work together is all about collaboration on multiple levels.

Your body wants and needs your conscious collaboration.

Despite how it feels, your body has not betrayed you. It has been communicating with you and providing feedback all along the way. The problem is that we are conditioned to believe that suppressing symptoms is the same thing as preserving health. However, when the underlying cause is not addressed and resolved, the body finds other ways to communicate. The good news is that your body wants to be healthy, and it has internal processes that strive toward optimal balance and health. So, when you begin to understand its language, you can fully enable your internal self-healing processes.

Your body is always trying to collaborate with you.

You need someone who can show you how to listen and understand it.

Collaboration between the Therapist and Your Body is about discovery.

Your body is your biographer and has been recording and storing significant events in your life from birth. All this time, it has been talking to you, but you didn’t understand its unique language. Whether your pain comes from an injury, repetitive motion, or is of unknown origin, your body knows what it needs. My job, as your therapist, is to listen to your body, to discover the source of pain and dysfunction, and to assist your body in releasing these tensions at their source, deep within the body.

The Collaboration between Us is about You. To provide you with the best outcomes, I need to know a great deal about you – your health, your history, your priorities, and your goals. Each person’s healing journey is as unique as they are; and as your partner and guide on the journey, I want you to know that your privacy is completely protected. Our collaboration is taken seriously. Mutual trust ensures that we can collaborate effectively to co-create the outcomes you want. I take this responsibility very seriously. Along the journey, I will teach you how to recognize and understand the unique language of your body. This education, along with a variety of self-care tools and resources, delivers on my commitment to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to create the outcomes you desire.



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