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Cultivating Confidence Daily

Cultivating Confidence Daily is a place for women to come together and grow in confidence. Our community is a place to inspire and be inspired, to share and to learn.

We know that growth isn't one size fits all, so we've curated a number of different ways for members to come together and grow in confidence:




Ready to make a change?

Find a coach to help you lead a more empowered and fulfilling life.



Inspiring women tell their stories about how they live a fulfilled life and remain strong despite the hard realities of life.

Get Inspired!



Get your daily dose of confidence with daily prompts and exercises from founder Jocelyn Michelle and search for a Confidence Coach that's right for you.



Introduce yourself and network with others on the journey to cultivate confidence.



to the Magic

I've developed a 3-step process to help women conquer their goals:

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CLARITY. We begin by creating clear goals and looking inward to understand what mental, emotional, and circumstantial barriers exist. 

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CONSCIOUSNESS. Relentlessly pursuing mindfulness, I work with clients to hold themselves accountable for their destiny. While we can’t always control what happens in the world around us, we can control how we respond, the lessons we learn, and the actions we take moving forward.

CONFIDENCE. As you take charge of your life you begin to notice the seed of confidence planted inside of you, and watch it blossom as you continue to live with consciousness, peace, and purpose.

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